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The Way of Living (TWOL24) is a curated platform, showcasing today’s indie brands within one collective, giving them the opportunity to stay independent and offering customers worldwide a transparent e-commerce concept with the latest innovations.                                        


TWOL24 is initiated by the founders of BLEND Magazine and ILOVEFAKE Magazine. Both magazines have been an international stage for designers, artists and photographers for more than 10 years. Because of successful collaborations in the past with brands, creatives, bloggers, stylists and media outlets worldwide, TWOL24 can ensures the best know-how in building and maintaining an online presence. We teamed up with experts in IT and finance to maximize exposure and online revenue without extra costs.


It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch a fashion line - a sum that includes fronting manufacturing costs and staging large fashion shows. Big brands have big budgets and, on average, it takes about $300,000 to start a label. TWOL24  helps independent designers but also photographers  to "stiletto-strap," or fashionably bootstrap, a collection.

The platform welcomes both upcoming and established designers, artists and photographers. TWOL24 strongly boost the awareness and sales of new names and established names extend and increase their current awareness and activities. We help indie labels to focus on their strengths and creativity by taking the time-consuming and expert processes inherent to sales and promotion out of their hands. 


Fast fashion, or throwaway products produced cheaply and unethically, have put a black cloud over the fashion industry. Positive alternative movements like Slow fashion and the Maker Movement have brought back to the forefront the independent designer behind the product we hold close, even put on, everyday. TWOL24 anticipates on this movement and gives these independent designers the tools they need to operate and small businesses is born. TWOL24 provides all the tools for these independent labels to give the answer on Fast fashion.

We bring back the authenticity of buying goods that are unique and made-to-order for the customer. We have a global mission and aim to reap the benefits of the ‘global village’ that we are living in today, for both indie labels and customers.