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ALEPEL is a women’s footwear brand, handcrafted using the finest Italian leathers, fusing fashion and architecture together into unique statement pieces. We offer women high design and impeccable quality in footwear to empower every step they take. ALEPEL is defined by 3 key words: Sculptural, Strong, and Sexy.

ALEPEL designs for the modern, successful and active woman of today who wears shoes as a statement piece. The ALEPEL woman likes shopping for self-differentiation through unique fashion footwear that offers a designer grade product at an accessible price point. The ALEPEL woman likes to stand out, she is identifiable through the symbol of the "The Line," a rubber injection that runs from the top of the sole to the back of the heel; a trademark present in every style that is timeless and won’t fade even with the toughest of wears.

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