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Fornicouture, Luxury Handcrafted Sex Toys

The brand Fornicouture is a creation of artist AHH. The brand is focused on creating luxury erotica within the realms of high fashion. AHH is an accomplished sculptor. Having gained a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London, then a Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, she has since worked with luxury fashion brands alongside maintaining a presence in the art-world and a passion for making beautiful objects.

AHH pieces are finely hand crafted erotic objects, individually made using artisan craft and the finest materials. The fabrication includes hand blown glass, leather crop plaiting, hand woven leather rope, cast metals, gilt, strung pearls and other sumptuous materials.

The materials and production techniques are brought together at the highest possible level. All products are designed, sourced and crafted in the UK.

Each individual design, due to the nature of its production, is truly unique in style, interpretation and finish.